Introducing our DASPROS Gypsum Ceilng Tiles.

Size : 600 x 600 x 9mm
Package : 8 PCS per Carton
Edge : Square Edge

Daspros Gypsum-Ceiling-Tile-2

About DASPROS Gypsum Ceilng Tiles

*This particular ceiling tile has a standard gypsum board base, Laminated at the front and an aluminum foil at the back.


  • Strong and Durable making it sag resistant hence no extra maintenance costs
  • Lightweight making it easy to install
  • Humidity resistance and Heat reflective due to the aluminum foil at the back
  • Taped Edges for dustless installation
  • Laminated front which is easy to clean and non toxic
  • Fire proof
  • Upto 89% light reflection resulting in energy cost savings


  • *Food Processing facilities
  • *Commercial kitchens
  • *Restaurant ceilings
  • *Factories and Warehouses
  • *Hospitals, Laboratories and Theatre Ceilings.