Jointing & Skimming (Fillers)

Knauf Satengips

1. Knauf Satengips

White mortar for finishing rough surfaces in drywall construction. It creates a sub coat ready for use without additives before paints or wallpaper.

Satengips can be mixed with paints giving a thick decorative paint for modern decorations.

Daspros Gypcoat

2. Daspros Readymix

Daspros Gypcoat is an All Purpose Compound used for Jointing and Skimming. It comes pre-mixed to the correct consistency. It is specifically designed for easy skimming of interior plastered surfaces and Gypsum boards It is the best product for joining gypsum boards given the low shrinkage rate Used to fill hairline cracks on concrete surfaces.

Daspros Easi Filler

3. Daspros Easi Filler Coat

Daspros Easi Filler Coat is a Cement Based Premium white skimming Powder. It is specially formulated for leveling of masonry and plastered surfaces. It can be used on both interior and exterior surfaces unlike gypsum fillers.

It has better bond and strength on masonry and plastered surfaces giving a superior finish compared to gypsum filler.
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