About Technology & Materials Co., Ltd

Technology & Materials Co., Ltd (T&M) is a leading manufacturer and distributor of ceiling, partitioning and other interior finishing materials in Kenya.

For gypsum ceiling and partitioning, we manufacture metal studs and metal rails used as support systems in gypsum board and cement board installation, Greenhouse profiles used in the installation of modern greenhouses.

We also manufacture jointing and skimming compounds (fillers) to transform gypsum boards and concrete into seamless surfaces.

In addition, we stock the following products. Knauf Gypsum boards, Daspros Gypsum Boards, Cornices, William Drywall Screws, Drywall Fiber Tapes, Drywall Corner Tapes, Daiken Mineral Fiber Ceiling (Acoustic Ceiling), Fibre Glass wool, Granite worktops, Kitchen Hoods, Kitchen gas hobs and Stainless steel kitchen sinks.

We aim to grow our retail space and manufacturing capabilities to bring sustainable and complete solutions under roof.

Why Choose T&M, Our company distinguishes itself through:

Competitive pricing
Product Quality
Personalized Services
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