Gypsum Boards In Kenya

Gypsum Framing
Gypsum Framing
February 12, 2019
Gypsum board also known as drywall is a building material used for ceiling and partitioning. Its suitable for residential and commercial uses.

Advantages of gypsum boards.

Gypsum Boards available in Kenya

There are different brands of gypsum board available in Kenya. Namely: Hada, Knauf, Gyproc, Daspros Hada boards are manufactured locally whereas most of the others are imported.

Available sizes

Standard size of boards is 8ft x 4ft, however for the thickness choose as follows;

  • Ceiling - 9mm / 9.5mm
  • Partitioning - 12mm / 12.5mm

Types of gypsum.

  • Regular
  • Moisture proof
  • Fire Proof

Are you going to use it in a regular room, or a humid area like a bathroom or kitchen, or a space that needs to be fire-resistant?

Regular Gypsum Boards

For a regular room you can use the regular boards.

Moisture Proof Gypsum Boards

Choose moisture proof gypsum for areas or rooms with high humidity eg. Bathrooms and kitchens.

Fire Proof Gypsum Boards

There is a type of gypsum that contains an additive that makes it more fire-resistant than panels of the same thickness. Examples: garage area, workshop and anywhere you want to slow a potential fire.

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