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Gypsum Framing
Gypsum Framing
February 12, 2019
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March 20, 2019

Gypsum wall partitioning in Kenya has become more popular and we at Technology and Materials are here to help with all the best gypsum materials and gypsum accessories you will require.
In this post we will focus on the dry wall partition with main focus on the accessories needed to make the wall as perfect as possible and up to standard.

  • Glass wool
  • Paper tape
  • Corner Beads / angle line
  • Drywall Backer Box (Socket)

After setting up the wall structure, (Refer to the previous post on how to partition with gypsum) the following accessories are used.

1. Paper Tape & Fiber tape

Used for jointing between two gypsum boards.
1 After laying the fibre tape, apply jointing compound (gypsum filler)


2. Use a trowel to push the tape into the compound

3. Sand when dry to achieve a smooth joint-less finish.

2. Corner Bead / Angeline

Corner Bead or Angeline

Used to provide very straight edges at corners when doing your wall.

  1. Make sure your corners are cut out well and square
  2. Apply the jointing compound to the corners of your wall
  3. Place the bead and squeeze it while maintain it straight
  4. Remove the excess jointing compound.
  5. Sand when dry to get a smooth strong wall edge.


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3. Glass Wool.

glass wool
  • Superior sound and thermal insulation properties
  • Ideal as an insulation product for homes and loud environments
  • Lightweight and easy to install

Glass wool insulation
  • Locally available in rolls.
  • One roll covers 15 square Meters.
  • Installed between the studs on the wall
  • After laying and placing the glass wool, cover the area with gypsum board, to complete your wall.

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4. Double socket Drywall Backer Box

backer box
1. Mark your gypsum board according to the size of the backer box.

2. Cut a hole using a drywall saw.

3. Push the backer box into the hole cut.


4. After it is well fitted into the hole, push the socket locks in so that they clip behind the gypsum board and lock into place.

5. Once you screw the face plate onto the socket (Backer box) the box will grip the gypsum board tighter and firmer.

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